Homepage – Full Overview

Homepage Overview (Video)

  1. Update Dining, Events, and History header
  2. Update featured slider
  3. Update Events Space information
  4. Update History Slider

Food Menus – Full Overview

Food Menus Overview (Video)

  1. How to add/update menu sections
  2. How to add/update menu items
  3. How to add a new menu to website navigation

Event Pages – Full Overview

Event Pages Overview (Video)

  1. How to update header content (copy & contact info)
  2. How to update image slider
  3. How to update Event Rooms
  4. How to update Highlight/CTA section
  5. How to update food image slider
  6. How to update customer testimonials
  7. How to update Travel information
  8. How to edit Contact Form

Restaurant Hours

Updating Restaurant Hours (Video)

  1. Updating hours on Contact page
  2. Updating hours on site footer


  1. Add a Post


  1. Add in Images and categorize them